5 Preludes

for piano

5 Preludes Sample

Various works for solo piano appeared throughout the year, but the highlight came Nov. 9 with Justin Merritt’s 5 Preludes for piano.

-Peter Schimpf, Bloomington Independent

5 Preludes is a collection of short character pieces for piano. e first prelude is a highly virtuosic, chromatic fantasy. e next movement begins with a series of bright sparkling gestures. e central section has two floating lines at different speeds, as though the notes are smeared across the texture. e middle piece is a high-speed toccata with such rapid changes, it is as though it were a much longer piece compressed into a couple of minutes. e penultimate prelude sounds as though 3 sets of distant bells were ringing at different speeds in the distance. e final prelude is a rhythmic, rock-inspired allegro. e difficulty and insistent nature of the work lend it the sound of a piano-roll piece.

recorded by Matthew McCright on the album Blender

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